Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand 101


You’ve seen on social media all the exotic adventures that Thailand has to offer, but now you want to experience the wonders for yourself. This Thai 101 video will prepare you for your upcoming adventure and it will give you all the information you need before leaving. From efficiently packing, to setting up your bank account, this guide will give you the confidence that you are ready to make the most of your time in Thailand.

The advice in this 40-minute video guide can be tailored to fit your trip and includes such information as:
• Transportation Options
• Booking Hotels and Flights
• Packing Essentials
• Safety / Fraud / Banking
• Budgeting & Daily Costs
• Negotiating with Merchants

22 Days in Thailand


If you want to unlock the exotic beauty and ancient mysteries of Thailand for yourself, but don’t have time to spend weeks researching the trip, this guide is for you. Let me be your virtual guide for three of the most action-packed weeks in traveler’s paradise.

I have lived and traveled throughout Thailand for over four months, and I have experienced the best it has to offer. From these experiences, I have personally crafted an epic, 22 Day Video Guide that will offer you both structure and flexibility for your own odyssey. This 22 Day Video Guide provides 1 video for each day of your adventure. These videos will chronologically show you how to get around,  where to stay, and what activities to do on that day. You will uncover local adventures, exotic temples, and stunning viewpoints – as well as handpicked restaurants and hotels – all while expertly saving time and money.

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